THE SOUL OF CUBA – An IONS Travel Journey

THE SOUL OF CUBA – An IONS Travel Journey
November 9th – 17th, 2013
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IONS is planning an amazing travel journey to Cuba, November 9th – 17th, 2013. This is an opportunity to travel legally to Cuba while incorporating the ideas and approaches of the Worldview Explorations™ program of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This trip includes tools and practices that deepen awareness of our own worldviews and encourage understanding and appreciation of the worldviews of the Cuban people. The thrill of encountering a new culture becomes an opportunity for a deep and lasting transformative experience.

This extraordinary travel journey is based on a similar sold-out trip to Cuba with IONS major donors in January 2012. It is now being opened up to the general membership and friends, so please come and share in this life changing experience. The trip will be led by Dr. Katia Petersen, IONS Executive Director of Education and core member of the team that created the research-based IONS Worldview Explorations™ program. It is offered in partnership with Cross Cultural Journeys.

Registration is limited to the first twenty-five people who sign up. Cost: $3,895. To secure your place, and receive a $200 discount, a deposit of $500 must be received by August 9th, 2013. This is your last chance to register! Phone 1-800-353-2276 or415-332-0682.
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